This is where I will be posting projects and concepts I have worked.

You can check out the alpha version of a Settlers app I coded. It automatically generates a board and randomizes number tiles upon load.

You can build settlements by entering a color (red, blue, green or white), a building (settlement, road1, road2, road3, or city) and clicking on the board. There are 3 different roads to indicate which direction road faces (janky, I know):
road1: -
road2: /
road3: \

The mechanics of the game are still in progress, so you would have to draw your Resource cards manually following a dice roll. In the future, that can probably be automated.

I'm still trying to figure out is how to allow you to play with other people. That's probably the hardest part, so if you are familiar with the concepts I need to learn, let me know!

Some other features that are coming up are:
-List to show you the Development cards in your hand
-Place the Robber
-Longest Road/Largest Army indicators